Canadian Class Actions: What’s Hot?

Current class actions, newly filed or ongoing, commonly address the following areas:

  • Privacy breaches. These cases focus on defendants’ alleged collection and use or accidental release of customer information.
  • Competition Act breaches. These cases focus on defendants’ alleged price fixing, misleading advertising, monopolization or tied selling activities. Class actions can be, and are being, brought by plaintiffs who are the ultimate consumers of a product that combines ingredients alleged to have been price fixed and non-price fixed products.
  • Product liability. These cases focus on plaintiff customers’ allegations that the defendants’ products are defective and caused injury to the plaintiffs, including in the wake of a product recall.
  • Pensions. These cases focus on defendants’ changes to their pension programs, which can affect one group of former employees differently from others.
  • Securities fraud. These cases focus on plaintiff shareholders’ allegations that they have lost share value due to the defendants’ alleged failure to disclose material facts in a timely way.
  • Environmental issues. These cases focus on spills or other catastrophic events, alleged to affect a broad group of plaintiffs.

In all of the above, class actions are more likely to follow on regulatory activity of some kind, so if your regulator is interested in your business, class action plaintiff lawyers might soon be too.

competition act breaches environmental issues Pensions privacy breaches product liability securities fraud



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