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Last month, senior McCarthy Tétrault litigator and Canadian Appeals Monitor contributor Geoff Hall generated lots of attention with his insightful post on contractual interpretation in cases where an “unthinkable” change in circumstances seems to have a profound effect on the bargain struck by the parties. Geoff’s analysis looked at a recent UK Supreme Court decision, Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland v. Lloyds Banking Group plc, in which an unforeseeable change to applicable accounting principles altered the definition of “profit” in a way that would have a multi-million pound impact on the parties.

This week, Mondaq recognized Geoff’s commentary as the “Most Popular Article in Canada” for February 2013. The Mondaq service publishes hundreds of legal articles from more than 80 countries around the world. Canadian Appeals Monitor is proud to be able to congratulate Geoff on this great honour.

contractual interpretation Geoff Hall Lloyds Banking Group Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland unforeseeable change



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