Canadian Contractual Interpretation Law: A New Edition

Canadian Appeals Monitor is proud to announce that the second edition of Canadian Contractual Interpretation Law by Geoff Hall, one of our contributing bloggers, has just been published.

The book is the only text focused on contractual interpretation under Canadian common law, and the new edition includes commentary on contractual interpretation under Quebec civil law. It is a helpful resource for anyone dealing with commerical law issues, including private practitioners and in-house counsel who are responsible for drafting contracts, litigators who deal with contractual interpretation disputes, and judges and arbitrators who hear such cases.

Geoff's new edition discusses several recent appellate cases in the area of contract law, including the Supreme Court of Canada's ruling in Tercon. It also contains an extensive discussion on the standard of appellate review for contractual interpretation. As the British Columbia Court of Appeal recently observed in Hoban (para. 56), this is an issue that continues to divide provincial appellate courts.

Further information is found on McCarthy Tétrault's website and the book is available for purchase on LexisNexis's website.

Canadian Contractual Interpretation Law



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