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Your information was REDACTED!

What keeps e-Discovery professionals up at night?  One challenge is - Did we produce the “right” information in the right format?
 Redacting privileged, commercially sensitive and personally identifiable information is one way that we protect  client data. In a recent CBC article, the federal government mistakenly sent information to a lawyer in the form of redacted documents with text hidden behind the black boxes.  Unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence, and there are various examples of information being inadvertently shared because redactions were not properly burned in.
It’s not surprising this kind of mistake can happen which is why organizations need processes in place to ensure redactions are properly burned into records. This is something we do whenever we are redacting records for litigation and regulatory matters.
At MT>3 we use state of the art redaction tools to conduct redactions, but technology has its limitations. At the end of the day you still need a human to check the records that are being produced and to ensure that the redactions are properly (and permanently!) burned into the records.

Susan Wortzman and Michael Lalande


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