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For Raptors tickets it may be Man v. Machine – but not so in e-Discovery…

Fans lined up to gain access to Toronto’s Jurassic Park days before last night’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals. A select few were rewarded with surprise tickets to the game. For most, Jurassic Park was as close as they would get to watching the game live. Only 3,000 tickets were made available to the public.
What some do not know is that behind the scenes of high demand ticket sales, online ticket retailers are at war with the machine; technological scalpers that is. While fans are desperately trying to purchase a prized ticket online, they are also competing with scalpers who use rapid ticket buying “bot” software or similar technology to buy valuable tickets in bulk. It hardly seems fair…
Thankfully, in the world of e-Discovery, we are not against the machine but rather use it to our advantage to make reviews more efficient and accurate. We are constantly applying the most advanced technology to our practice, which has become critical to our success. No one will disagree that our clients appreciate their review time being cut in half or more due to technology and as a result, receiving substantial savings, sometimes in the millions of dollars. However, technology is only half of the equation. Our lawyers are also needed to apply analysis and to “train” our technology. We recognize that technology is critical to gaining a competitive advantage but we also understand that both technology and lawyers are needed to remain viable in today’s marketplace. 


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