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The Osgoode Certificate in E-Discovery, Information Governance and Privacy: My Favourite Sessions

​September 16 to 20 was quite the week at the Osgoode Hall School, York University in downtown Toronto.  Program Director, Susan Wortzman, and Osgoode Continuing Legal Education Program Lawyer, Stephen Ahad, compiled an excellent program that highlighted all facets of e-discovery and the presenters were all first-rate.  I was fortunate to be in attendance the entire week and was thoroughly impressed with the information presented during the sessions.  It is difficult to choose from the stellar line-up, but the stand-out sessions for me were:
Forensic Essentials: Collection
Presented by Joe Coltson, Partner, Forensic Services - PriceWaterHouseCoopers LLP; and and Kevin Lo, Managing Director – Froese Forensic Partners
Very interesting presentation on how unscrupulous individuals are becoming more sophisticated with respect to data theft.  The session covered signs of risk, Anton Pillar Orders, digital evidence workflow, ensuring the data is defensible, and how to conduct a forensic collection.
Digitization of Government and Services and Implications for the Legal System
Presented by Hillary Hartley, Chief Digital Officer – Government of Ontario
Ms. Hartley spoke about the Ontario Government’s data and digital strategy as it moves into the internet era.  Many forward-thinking changes and initiatives are in the works, aimed at making government services easily accessible through the implication of standardized digital tools and practices. 
Analysis of Data
Presented by Milan Lee, Machine Learning Specialist - Google
Ms. Lee walked the attendees through Google AI, and demonstrated how AI is programmed and processed in Googles various applications.  It was extremely interesting to see behind the computer screen and learn how AI applications process data and learn. 
Also worth mentioning were the Tool Demonstrations that allowed the attendees to see the features and benefits of various e-discovery platforms and trial management tools.
The Program ended with a round-table discussion on the Future of Data, moderated by Susan Wortzman.  The panelists presented different aspects of a look forward for e-discovery.  I think some exciting times are ahead in the world of e-discovery.  

Pamela Drummond

e-Discovery Project Manager


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