snIP/ITs Blog Monthly Review

Below is our Month in Review for April, highlighting posts on our snIP/ITs blog. You can follow the links to any of these specific posts, or you can visit the blog at

The Digital Privacy Act: Proposed Amendments to PIPEDA
By Keith Rose on April 25th, 2014

On Tuesday April 2, 2014, the government gave first reading to proposed amendments to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). These amendments have been tabled as Bill S-4 in the Senate (Bill), which is entitled the Digital Privacy Act. The Bill is broadly similar to the former Bill C-29 which was ...

Permitted Exclusive Use of English Trademarks in Québec: Magasins Best Buy Ltée, Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd. et al v. Québec
By Sophie Gupta on April 16th, 2014

For any business seeking to sell its products or offer its services in the Province of Québec, the carrying out of such activities and the way in which such businesses operate generally are profoundly affected by the enduring linguistic restrictions imposed by the Québec Charter of the French Language[1] (Charter). Adopted by the Québec National ...

Social Media and Disclosure in Litigation: Garacci v. Ross
By Roland Hung and Frances Candy on April 4th, 2014

Overview Information disseminated through social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn is of growing utility in litigation matters. Evidence obtained from social media accounts by way of discovery preservation and production orders has significantly strengthened the positions of litigating parties. This should come as no surprise as individuals routinely "post" messages, thoughts, pictures and ...

Hot Off the Press – Doing Business in Canada: Navigating Opportunities for Investment and Growth
By McCarthy Tétrault LLP on April 2nd, 2014

If your organization is currently thinking about establishing or acquiring a business in Canada, the newest edition of Doing Business in Canada, written by McCarthy Tétrault, will prove to be a valuable resource. The guide provides a broad overview of the legal considerations that non-residents should take into account to help ensure their success as ...

Patent Law Historical Observations: Oil and Gas
By Timothy Ellam and Steven Tanner on April 1st, 2014

We recently posted an article reviewing the year past in oil and gas patent litigation. We analyzed new Federal Court cases and issued decisions and provided commentary on future implications. You can read that article here. This article continues that analysis by looking backwards in time; specifically to oil and gas patent litigation for the ...