British Columbia Employer Advisor Blog: Month in Review

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Restrictive Covenants Part III: Enforcement
By Donovan Plomp on October 1st, 2012

In earlier posts, we discussed some considerations in drafting restrictive covenants. Today we’ll talk about trying to enforce them ...

What’s Happening With Drug Testing in Canada? — Our Continuing Cross Border Dialogue
By Earl Phillips on September 20th, 2012

Another apparent distinction between US and Canadian employment law is drug testing. Restrictions on drug testing in Canada are a continuing source of frustration, especially for US employers with operations in Canada.

Less is More: Restrictive Covenants Part II
By Donovan Plomp on September 13th, 2012

As noted in our previous post, courts will not enforce a restrictive covenant against a departing employee unless the former employer can show the restraints imposed are reasonable between the parties and in reference to the public interest.

The ties that bind (or not) … Restrictive Covenants, Part I
By Donovan Plomp on September 6th, 2012

… you can negotiate restrictions on soliciting other employees, customers or suppliers after termination. Or you can negotiate the nuclear option, a blanket prohibition against competition after termination ...