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Global Toll-Free Numbers

Our Global Toll-Free Numbers may only be used in the 21 countries listed below, by dialing that country's international access code followed by a Global Toll-Free number.

Some locations may restrict the use of toll-free numbers and some public telephones may require a coin deposit to obtain a dial tone. Mobile telephones will still incur local airtime charges. Callers outside North America and not in one of the participating countries will need to call the toll number for the service.

Office Directory: 800-McCarthy (800-6222-7849)
Audio Conferencing: 800-5397-4050

Countries and Access Codes

Country International Access Code Island/Territory Covered
Australia 0011 Christmas Island, Tasmania, Cocos Islands — included with Optus
Austria 00  
Belgium 00  
Denmark 00 Not covered: Faroe Islands, Greenland
Finland — Sonera 990  
Finland — Other 900  
France 00 Corsica
Not covered: Monaco
Germany 00  
Hong Kong 001  
Ireland 00 Includes offshore islands of the Republic of Ireland
Israel 014 Not covered: Palestinian Territories
Japan — KDD 001  
Japan — ITJ 0041  
Japan — IDC 0061  
Malaysia 00 Peninsular Malaysia & East Malaysia
Netherlands 00  
New Zealand 00 Chatham Islands
Norway 00 Svalbard, Jan Maien
Singapore 001  
South Korea — Korea Telecom 001  
South Korea — Dacom 002  
South Korea — ONSE 08  
Sweden 00  
Switzerland 00 Not covered: Liechtenstein
Taiwan 00  
United Kingdom 00 England, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands

Participants should be instructed to dial the International Access Code of the country they are calling from followed by the 800 number provided.

Callers outside North America and not in one of the participating countries can call 416-406-3844 (charges apply).