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Benedicte Martin


Associate (Articling Student 2013/14)

I had the opportunity to assist in writing a blog destined to help the firm’s American clients navigate their way through Canadian employment law.

The blog was geared both toward clients who have already decided to expand their business practices north and those who are still contemplating the purchase of a Canadian company. 

The blog dealt with the ways in which Canadian law diverges from American law, and explored themes such as the role of our various provincial human rights charters, alcohol and drug testing, non-competition clauses and the termination of employment.

" It allowed me to study employment law in a comparative fashion. "

Preparing this blog proved to be a fascinating experience, as it allowed me to study employment law in a comparative fashion, analysing rules across the country and contrasting them with the law in force in the U.S.A., all while creating a useful resource for our clients.

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