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Na Fan


Associate (2014/15 Articling Student)

During my articling term, I was involved in a very complicated transaction where we acted for a consortium of Canadian and international infrastructure investors that eventually won a highly competitive bid related to a strategic asset in Toronto.

My involvement began at the earliest stage of the file, doing pre-bid diligence. Despite the volume and complexity, in just one week, a team of partners, associates and students from different departments worked collaboratively around the clock and delivered a high quality report to the clients to aid their decision making process.

During the negotiation stage, because of the complexity of the file, we had lawyers from across the firm looking at different areas of law, including real property, corporate, banking, IP, labour, and litigation just to name a few. As the file progressed, I was able to work on different components of the deal, which provided me with valuable opportunities to work with and learn from the best lawyers in their specialty areas. One of the most rewarding aspects of this experience was that I was tasked with increasing responsibilities over the course of four months, but always with the guidance of senior lawyers. In addition, I often participated in client meetings and communicated directly with opposing counsels and clients, which served me well when I was making the transition to associate.

If I may use one word to describe the transaction, it would be “unpredictable”. It was often difficult to predict what issues might come up and everyday there would be new questions raised by the clients, by the other side or by the other stakeholders. As such, I was not only doing typical corporate transactional work, such as due diligence, contract drafting and closing logistics, I was also often conducting challenging researches. Throughout the process, I never felt I was just doing discrete tasks. The level of responsibility that I was given and my overall involvement made me truly feel like part of the deal team.

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