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Tyler Hawley


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Associate (2019/20 Articling Student)

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One of my current assignments that I’m most excited about is working on a commercial mortgage backed securitization. Since the length of these transactions are typically shorter than some other corporate files, this assignment promises to be a rewarding learning experience, as I was brought onto the file from day one, and will get to assist with the closing of the transaction before the summer ends. The file is staffed leanly, as many of my files are, which means I have the opportunity to work closely with both the associate and the partner on the file. At this stage of the file I have been assisting with the drafting of the transaction documents so that they can be submitted to the working group for comments, at which time I will be responsible for making any appropriate changes. As the transactions comes to a close I will be involved in managing the closing, helping the lawyer ensure that all the required documents are finalized and signed.

Marissa Caldwell


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Associate (2016/17 Articling Student)

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The Technology Group provides varied, engaging, and rewarding assignments for students.  As technology advances, so must the law, and so must clients.  The Technology Group is constantly tackling new legal issues and challenges. As a student, I found that this environment provided countless opportunities to engage in critical and creative thinking.

The integration of technology, communications, and intellectual property creates opportunities that straddle the line between litigation and corporate work.  The Group’s practice touches so many different areas of law, I never found myself doing the same thing twice. One day I could be writing a memo on international anti-spam laws and the next I could be drafting submissions for use in court. 

On the corporate side, I assisted on various transactions. This involved conducting due diligence, and the drafting of documents.  One such assignment involved the preparation of a CRTC application that was necessary for our client, a broadcaster, that was to be acquired.  On another assignment, I reviewed all of a client’s OEM agreements to ensure that the client’s new service provider would be compliant with Canada’s privacy laws. 

On the litigation side, I assisted on a technology related appeal, a copyright infringement case, and hearings before the Trade-marks Board and the Copyright Board.  These assignments involved conducting legal research, drafting submissions, preparing materials for filing, and assisting lawyers with trial and/or hearing preparation.

The assignments that I found most interesting fell somewhere in between litigation and corporate work.  This usually involved a client inquiring about how their company could be compliant with new laws or regulations.  In these situations, I was asked to critically think about what tools could be used to track the company’s compliance measures and how to limit litigation/prosecution risks.  This information would then be relayed back to the client in an opinion letter or memorandum.   In one case, I was asked to go even further and create the actual tool that the company’s employees would use.  Under the guidance of a senior lawyer, I developed the tool and it was ultimately implemented by the client.

Beyond traditional legal work, I was able to write blog posts and co-write articles that were published by legal journals and legal publishers.  I was included in business development initiatives and was encouraged to attend numerous industry events.  Moreover, I was welcome at both national and local practice group meetings.  The assignments in the Technology Group taught me how to adapt and apply my skills across various areas of the law.  The Technology Group will give you a chance to work on different types of assignments, across a broad spectrum of practice areas.