Articling Program

The articling program is designed to maximize your exposure to all aspects of the practice of law and our law firm.

It will provide you with the opportunity to experience our practice first-hand by attending client meetings, strategy sessions, hearings and trials. You will be encouraged to work independently all the while having support and guidance.

Our articling students participate in rotations through our main practice areas: litigation and business law. Within each rotation, you will receive work from the lawyers in any of the practice areas that fall within the litigation or business sections. For example, you can receive mandates from lawyers in the financial services group while you are doing your business law rotation. This flexible rotation system ensures you will work on a wide variety of files and projects, and get exposure to a diverse range of expertise and work styles. We believe you should have direct contact with lawyers at all levels of the firm, so the lawyer responsible for the file allocates work directly to our articling students.

We offer a choice of two articling periods, one starting in January and another in June. Our Montréal office hires between eight and twelve articling students each year.