Junior Medical Defense Law Clerk



Posting Date

March 12, 2019

Position type



File / Project Management

  1. Managing each assignment by accurately evaluating specific job requirements and objectives, including the application of appropriate technology and support resources.
  2. Liaising with other members of the Litigation group.
  3. Assisting with the organization and management of files or parts of files.
  4. Meeting with lawyers to take instruction and direction, and attending organizational meetings with clients/lawyers.
  5. Contacting or meeting with service providers as directed to deliver on lawyer and client requirements.

Case and Trial Preparation

  1. Preparing for the serving and filing of Court documents as directed.
  2. Preparing materials for motions and hearings, as directed, including working with lawyers.
  3. Preparing materials for and attending witness interviews and examinations as directed.
  4. Assisting lawyers with the preparation of materials for examination, cross-examination and trial.
  5. Preparing summaries of witness statements.
  6. Preparing for and attending at select examinations and court hearings.

Compilation of Data

  1. Compiling all briefs required, including preparing and maintaining exhibit, undertaking and witness binders.
  2. Compiling books of authorities, and motion and appeal briefs.
  3. Preparing bills of costs.
  4. Collating all data to be entered into the evidence management database (correspondence, procedures, memos, contact lists).
  5. Creating and updating document indexes.
  6. Performing computerized searches as directed.
  7. Compiling factual summaries of documents in the record.

Document Preparation

  1. Preparing affidavit of records, including using database and litigation support software systems.
  2. Preparing and reviewing transcript summaries.
  3. Assembling and preparing responses to undertakings.
  4. Drafting routine correspondence and correspondence as directed.
  5. Preparing Court documents, as directed.

Research / Review

  1. Conducting searches in both transcripts and databases.
  2. Reviewing documents as directed.
  3. Compiling legal research.
  4. Conducting legal research or other research under the direction of lawyers, where appropriate.
  5. Examining and filing documentation online as directed.

Litigation Databases

  1. In collaboration with Litigation Support, preparing and organizing the evidence management database (keywords, binders etc.).
  2. Coordinating the addition of transcript materials into Litigation Support databases.
  3. Maintaining and monitoring evidence databases.


  1. Organizing the documents located in the trial war room.
  2. Complying with systems for recording undertakings, refusals and responses thereto.
  3. Following checklists and precedents.
  4. Maintaining integrity of file and all record keeping systems.
  5. Entering time charges on a timely basis following prescribed firm and departmental procedures and objectives.


  1. University degree or successful completion of a law clerk certificate/diploma course (or equivalent) from a recognized educational institution.
  2. Three to five years of prior relevant law clerk work experience, ideally gained in a law firm, insurance company or similar environment.
  3. Prior experience in criminal law would be an asset.


  1. Knowledge of or familiarity dealing with medical records.
  2. Knowledge of civil procedure and evidence law.
  3. Ability to read and summarize documents.
  4. Proven commitment to accuracy and attention to detail.
  5. Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities and ability to meet deadlines.
  6. Demonstrated ability to exercise initiative (including autonomous file follow-up), use judgment, make decisions and accept responsibility effectively.


  1. Focuses on Client Service: Capacity to identify, understand, and meet and/or exceed the needs and expectations of internal and external clients in a timely manner.
  2. Works Well with Others (Teamwork): Ability to work effectively with others (e.g., team members, co-workers, supervisors, direct reports, clients, etc.) to achieve mutual goals.
  3. Demonstrates Flexibility: Ability to work effectively within a variety of situations, readily adapting to changes.
  4. Communicates Effectively: Capacity to exchange verbal and written information, ideas and feedback with individuals or groups to enhance and ensure mutual understanding.
  5. Focuses on Results: Commitment to setting, achieving and/or exceeding individual, team, or firm goals.


Required experience with computer or other technological equipment, including experience with specific software. Also, required knowledge/experience in specific practice areas or work processes/protocols. 

  1. Job Knowledge: Ability to acquire, apply and maintain a body of knowledge related to the field.
  2. Effective use of Technology: Solid computer knowledge of Microsoft Office and one or more litigation support databases, including CaseLogistix, Summation, Concordance or similar evidence management databases. Ability to keep up-to-date with changes in technology and latest information.
  3. Knowledgeable in litigation-related technological systems for maintaining and organizing file materials.
  4. Familiarity with additional litigation support technologies an asset.

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their resume to:

E-mail : [email protected]

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