COVID-19 Update

| 7 minutes

With the COVID-19 situation evolving rapidly, as a valued client of our firm, we wanted to keep you up to date on how we are prepared to continue operations and support your legal needs.

We have robust business continuity measures in place including the following:

  • A command centre has been established at the firm to coordinate all COVID-19 related information and activities.
  • Our continuity plan identified potential pandemic scenarios and created checklists of activities to perform related to each.
  • We have engaged a medical consultant to provide advice on the most appropriate action to take and to validate our plan.
  • Policies (including quarantine criteria), procedures and travel limitations have been established to protect our people and our clients.
  • We have increased the sanitization protocols on our premises.
  • We have extensive remote work capabilities which have been and continue to be tested. This includes all people (including assistants) being equipped with laptops and remote access functionality. We continue to test our business continuity plan, including a test closure of one of our offices.
  • We have extensive video and voice conference functionality so that meetings can be held remotely.
  • We have an offsite data centre which would not be impacted by any office closure.

We have also pulled together a legal team led by Trevor Lawson and focussed on supporting our clients on the extensive legal and business issues developing in relation to COVID-19.

This support includes a client webinar hosted last week on COVID-19 preparedness with over 1300 people participating. This team is closely monitoring the many issues that are emerging related to COVID-19, coordinating internally to share that information and assisting clients with market informed advice on how clients can respond to these issues. 

To contact us with respect to our firm’s response plan:

Rick Kathuria
Chief Administrative Officer
Tel: 1-416-601-8054
Email: [email protected]