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McCarthy Tétrault Co-Counsel: Litigation
(Volume 3, Issue 2)


November 13, 2009

Welcome to Volume 3, Issue 2 of McCarthy Tétrault's Co-Counsel: Litigation. This publication has been created to give our clients a picture of developments in litigation and, most importantly, the implications for their organizations.

Throughout we’ve highlighted cases that we believe will be of interest to our clients, and we share our insight into the issues and trends we’ve spotted. 

All the authors listed in the publication, as well as all their colleagues at McCarthy Tétrault, are happy to answer your questions and discuss the issues raised in the articles.


A Tribute to a Great Man, the Late Charles D. Gonthier

Administrative Law

First Canadian Title v. The Law Society of New Brunswick — Summary

Class Action

The Marcotte and Adams decisions: The constitutional application of provincial consumer protection legislation to banks in matters of credit


Don’t make promises you can’t keep: Pepsi successfully terminates its exclusive sponsorship agreement for the Montréal Forum

Medical — Legal

Protecting Private Interests in Public Inquiries

Pro Bono / Human Rights

Tănase and Others v. Romania: In a successful pro bono case, McCarthy Tétrault obtains a human rights victory for Roma citizens mistreated by their own government


Island Timberlands LP v. The Minister of Foreign Affairs: Federal Government forced to explain its policy rationale

Farley's Reflections

Contracts — What’s in a Word? What’s the Standard of Review?


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