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Competition & Investment Canada Update — What Business Needs to Know

Presented by the McCarthy Tétrault Advance™ program, these training sessions were held between May 26 and 31, 2011 in our Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montréal and Québec City offices. The Commissioner of Competition, Melanie Aitken, was a gest speaker at the Vancouver and Calgary sessions.

Sweeping changes to Canada's competition and foreign investment laws came into effect in 2009 and 2010. They affect the way your company conducts its business. Recent controversial actions by Investment Canada are just one example.

At these sessions, our speakers discussed the impact of these important changes, how the Bureau has interpreted them, and what your business needs to know going forward. They also offered practical advice on how business can adapt to this changed regulatory environment covering issues such as: Competitor Agreements, Pricing and Marketing Practices, Abuse of Dominance, Mergers, New Foreign Investment Rules, New Foreign Investment and National Security Rules (and possible changes by the new Conservative majority Government), Competition Compliance Programs and Practical Advice.

Conference Materials:

Competition & Investment Canada Update – What Business Needs to Know (PDF)

Guidelines on Responding to a Competition Bureau Search (Article)

Info sheet on the Competition Group (PDF)