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Towards a Coherent European Approach to Collective Redress


April 6, 2011


John P. Brown

John attended the European Parliament Collective Redress Consultation Hearings on April 5, 2011 in Brussels. The European Commission announced a new collective redress initiative in February — "Towards a Coherent European Approach to Collective Redress." As the Chair of the IBA Task Force on International Procedures and Protocols for Collective Redress and Co-Chair of the IBA Multi-Jurisdictional Class Action/Collective Redress Working Group, John was invited by the European Commission to prepare a submission commenting on this initiative. The consultation process is expected to result in significant changes to the legislative landscape in Europe relating to collective redress. John addressed the hearing on the subjects of Canadian class actions and the work of the IBA including the Guidelines for Recognizing and Enforcing Foreign Judgments for Collective Redress developed by his Task Force.