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Lobbying, ethics and relations with public authorities: rules, processes and practices


February 14, 2011


Claude Bisson
Daniel Johnson
Pierre-Hugues Vallée

Presented by the McCarthy Tétrault Advance™ program, this training session was held on MondayFebruary 14, 2011 in Montréal.

In recent years, there has been increased interest by the media, the public, elected officials, decision-makers and lobbyists concerning the rules and processes for relations between public authorities and citizens. This trend is not unrelated to the evolution of public perceptions with respect to elected officials, the expansion of the role of the Lobbyists Commissioner, and the recent adoption of a Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Members of the National Assembly.

While taking into account recent developments and current events, our speakers offered an overview of the rules and processes applicable to relations between public authorities and citizens, as well as the rules of ethics conduct that apply to the members of the National Assembly and other public office holders who are concerned about communications intended to influence public policy.

Conference Materials (PDF — available in French only)