Presentation Detail


IT.CAN Quarterly Roundtable Series — Impacts of the New Anti-SPAM and Anti-Spyware Legislation (Bill C-28)


January 26, 2011


Lorne P. Salzman
Barry B. Sookman

These materials were prepared for a presentation on Canada's new anti-spam and anti-spyware legislation that was given to the Canadian IT Law Association (IT.CAN) on January 26, 2011.

The presentation highlights the key elements of the new law, its enforcement mechanisms and the potentially severe penalty provisions. It also discusses changes to the Competition Act to address false or misleading representations in electronic communications, and changes to Canada's privacy law to address improper harvesting of electronic addresses of individuals and the improper collection of personal information stored on a computer. The presentation focuses on the impact of these legislative changes on Canadian businesses.

View the presentation (PDF).