Incident Response & Readiness Plan Review

Incident Response & Readiness Plan Review

Incident Response & Readiness Plan Review

Recent widespread data breach incidents impacting governments, financial institutions and retailers have shown that even the best information security platforms must be backstopped by a thoughtful, tested incident response plan. Swift, coordinated action is imperative to reduce the risk of enforcement actions or litigation and the reputation impact that could result from a data breach. In addition, the Digital Privacy Act (Bill S-4) introduced a new set of obligations with respect to breaches of privacy safeguards, accompanied by new and significant fines.

We have assisted a range of clients to take the proactive steps towards a response and readiness plan that protects their customers, employees and management teams from financial damages and irreparable damage to their reputation.

How it Works
  • We audit the existing incident response plan and develop a gap assessment report to be used to present to the board or C-Level leaders, with actionable recommendations to ensure a complete readiness plan with clear accountabilities.
  • If no plan is in place, we scope the requirements for a new response and readiness platform.
  • We assist in drafting, updating and/or implementing the incident response plan in conjunction with key stakeholders.
  • We can also provide additional value added services, on a fixed fee basis, including simulated ‘incident’ workshops, internal training and integration of public relations/government relations strategies with the legal response.

How Clients Benefit
  • Best in class expertise: We offer the expertise of Canada’s first multi-disciplinary Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Group that sees us combine legal expertise, current and future awareness with our key regulatory relationships to deliver innovative, leading solutions to mitigate risk around ever changing laws in the fields of cybersecurity, privacy and data protection.
  • Protect your privilege: Get the best of both practical business advice and legal risk management, under protection of privilege. As lawyers, our advice and our awareness of internal procedures and policies is protected in potential litigation or enforcement proceedings, unlike business or technology consultancies with similar offerings.
  • Proactive approach to mitigate risk: Should our client be faced with a data breach, a proactive, well-prepared, thoughtful incident response plan can help mitigate negative reputational impacts and financial losses following a breach. Our solution leverages our experience in other high-risk breaches to ensure our clients have a well-prepared plan in place.
  • Breach incident support: In addition to the readiness review solution, our Rapid Response Team leverages internal resources, existing partnerships and regulatory relationships to provide coordinated, practical breach response advice (legal, business, reputational) to ensure a comprehensive approach in the critical first 72 hours.
  • Full end to end solution: We are happy to provide our clients with a full end-to-end offering in the areas of cybersecurity, privacy and data protection. Our Incident Readiness & Response Plan Diagnostic can be paired with our Digital Privacy Act Compliance Diagnostic and Document Retention Toolkit to offer clients a complete suite of services to maximize risk mitigation in the key areas currently top of mind for our clients.
  • Integrated cross border response: We have experience working with companies whose business crosses borders and can leverage our relationships with leading US firms to seamlessly manage the risk created by multiple claims and enforcement actions on both sides of the border.

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