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Consumer products manufacturers and distributors operate in an increasingly competitive, dynamic and global industry. Keys to success include managing brand and market profile while dealing with consolidation, shifting consumer trends, price pressures, the need to improve operational efficiency and the advent of new technology such as mobile commerce and social media. Our team partners with consumer-facing clients to address legal and business challenges faced in this sector.

Within our Retail and Consumer Markets Group, our integrated multi-disciplinary team works with clients across a range of industry segments, from clothing and household goods to personal care, cosmetics, luxury goods and electrical products. We partner with leading companies in Canada, the US and internationally, offering a "one-stop shop" to address opportunities and challenges related to M&A (including acquisitions and dispositions of brands and businesses), commercial agreements, human resources, intellectual property protection and litigation, branding, tax, e-commerce, product liability and recalls, consumer protection, trade and customs, supply chain, tax, competition/anti-trust, and litigation. For specific information on our experience in food and beverage, see our Food, Beverage & Agribusiness info sheet.

Our team is embedded in the industry and is led by consumer products focused lawyers who draw upon their legal skills and industry experience to address the legal needs facing industry businesses. We are active in numerous industry associations such as Food and Consumer Products of Canada, and are on the inside of information flow – which is key in keeping our clients ahead in a dynamic industry-scape. Our seamless ‘one-stop shop’ approach means clients only need to call once to solve a problem and seize an opportunity.

We also assist consumer products manufacturers and distributors in identifying promising foreign markets and developing entry strategies that overcome market obstacles. Similarly, we leverage our relationships and expertise to assist companies with their strategy and legal issues in entering and expanding in the Canadian market.

We have long-standing relationships with policymakers in Canada, and also work closely with international institutions, including the World Trade Organization, to address unfair or illegal trade barriers, build international business coalitions and promote business-friendly trade practices.

We have advised consumer product manufacturers and distributers such as Unilever, Mattel and General Mills.

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