Environmental Initiatives

Making a Difference Together

Our environmental initiative is an important component of our CSR Policy. Our goal is to become a leader among the major Canadian law firms in reducing our environmental impact. In order to do this, we will work diligently to:

  • take environmental considerations into account in decisions we make;
  • involve our legal and non-legal staff in setting and achieving our goals through local and national initiatives;
  • comply with (and wherever possible, exceed) applicable environmental requirements;
  • reduce, reuse and recycle;
  • purchase with a view to reducing our impact on the environment;
  • encourage our landlords and suppliers to reduce their environmental impact;
  • develop programs with clear targets and objectives and measure our environmental performance against them; and
  • report on our environmental performance.

The following are a few examples of what we have done to date and what we plan to do.

Resource Use

Steps we have taken:

  • reduce printing by using electronic software for large litigation files; and
  • use double-sided printing.

Steps we will be taking:

  • reducing use of plastic water bottles;
  • installing automatic plumbing fixtures; and
  • using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Energy and Emissions

Steps we have taken:

  • install energy-efficient videoconferencing equipment to reduce travel;
  • install energy-efficient light bulbs; and
  • use energy-efficient flat-screen monitors, computers and servers.

Steps we will be taking:

  • providing secure bike storage;
  • revising standard temperature in our offices to reduce heating and cooling;
  • reducing lighting use through changes in technology and habits; and
  • using power-save mode on equipment.


Steps we have taken:

  • recycle ink cartridges;
  • recycle 90 per cent of our paper waste;
  • recycle batteries;
  • donate old computer equipment to charity; and
  • eliminating paper cups.

Steps we will be taking:

  • reducing waste from kitchens by buying products in bulk; and
  • installing more recycling containers throughout our offices.