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Recent Developments of Importance in the Electrical Energy Sector


May 31, 2006


David H. Izett
David A.N. Lever
Rob J. Miller
Seán C. O'Neill
Kim Thomassin

Approaches to restructuring electricity markets have differed across Canada as a result of the unique industry and regulatory structures and regional circumstances and issues that face each of the provinces. For example, factors such as anticipated rapid growth in energy consumption and the need to replace aging power generation infrastructure played a key role in Alberta’s decision to pursue restructuring of its electricity industry in 1996.

Ontario, by contrast, decided to pursue restructuring of its electricity industry to address, among other things, serious concerns regarding the fiscal and operational performance of Ontario Hydro. This regional diversity, together with different governmental responses, has resulted in unique regulatory regimes in each of the provinces. However, in most instances provincial energy policies have sought to encourage competition and private-sector development of new generation facilities.

Five members of McCarthy Tétrault from across the country recently wrote on these matters, specifically focusing on developments in Ontario, Québec, Alberta and British Columbia in an article that appeared in the April edition of Lexpert magazine. To read the full article, click here.