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Rambus, Samsung Sue Each Other Over Patents


July 1, 2005


Lisa Melanson

Rambus has begun a lawsuit against Samsung alleging the world’s largest memory manufacturer violated its SDRAM patent in the U.S. (the most common type of memory) as well as other types of memory. Samsung is a licensee of these types of memory and under the agreement has an obligation to pay Rambus royalties. Rambus decided to terminate their license agreement with Samsung and sue. Even though Samsung has been a valuable licensee, too many issues have surfaced that require Rambus to seek court action.

A day later, Samsung sued Rambus seeking the court to declare their patents invalid and unenforceable. Samsung claims that Rambus is using information it obtained as a member of a memory chip standards-setting body in order to receive additional patents and enforce them against the members of the body. It also accuses Rambus of shredding important documentation related to this. These lawsuits come on the heels of Rambus agreeing to settle its claim against Infineon in late March 2005 after Infineon agreed to pay Rambus royalties (for more on this March 2005 lawsuit, please refer to the article found in our inaugural Technology Law Quarterly.


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